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LINDEN: The Story of A Tree

LINDEN: The Story of A Tree

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Some trees grow up wanting to be tall lighthouses or big red barns full of horses. Not Linden. He is grateful just being a tree. Through snowy winters full of caroling to summertime picnics beneath his shady boughs, Linden watches over the people who love and care for him.
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 Like The Giving Tree, Linden watches over those who care and love for him. UNLIKE the Giving Tree, Linden’s love for his community isn’t expressed through sacrifice. This is ultimately a more positive message for kids.

Publishing date: April 16th, 2024
ISBN: 978-1-958325-10-0

Hardback with jacket: $18.99 US
Length: 38 pages
Size: 10×9 inches
Ages: 4-8 
Grade: K-3


Colleen Muske has been practicing art her whole life. When her 6th grade teacher told her she had talent, she decided to become a real artist. She has studied at Minneapolis Community College, Minneapolis College of Art and Design, and many artists’ private studios. Colleen likes to say she is community educated since her most valuable education is from fellow artists, workshops, and conferences.

After taking her first Children’s Book Illustration class, Colleen knew she had found her calling. Writing classes at The Loft Literary Center soon followed. Many classes and many drafts later, her stories are coming to life! Colleen’s art is full of nature, animals, and everyday life. Her favorite artists are Grandma Moses, Barbara Cooney and Henri Matisse, Colleen’s artwork is overflowing with pattern, color, and texture.

Colleen lives in Stillwater, Minnesota with her husband in a 146-year-old house. They share their house with three dogs and two cats who inspire many of her stories.

“The poignant story of a tree’s life cycle…Captivating and heartfelt.” —KIRKUS